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"Lettng Go of your Loved One, but keeping a momentum to cherrish", is a publication that Dr. Mee wrote to help a griefing mother with the loss of her son.  This young man took his own life due to being bullied to the point that he believed he could not deal with the situation anymore.

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Dr Mee started her private practice in 1993 facilating group therapies with a psychoeducational approach.  Such as Anger Management, Self Esteem classes, Womens Issues Group and many other behavioral changing groups.  Dr. Joann D. Mee holds two Doctoral degrees, one in Human Services and one in Christian Psychology. Dr. Mee is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Oklahoma and a National Certified Counselor.
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Committed to helping individuals, couples & families live a healthier happier lifestyle.
​Dr. Mee has dedicated this special resource book in loving memory of a traumatized young man. Dr. Mee was inspired to write this powerful resource book after working with a client who's son died tragically.

Dr. Phillip C. McGraw referred his guest to Dr. Mee on the Dr. Phil’s television program in February 27, 2003.. On National TV a Grieving mother shared her tragic story with millions of people about the loss of her son who had been repeatedly bullied up until his tragic death. After working with the Mother utilizing this special technique, Dr. Mee assisted her through the grieving process which enabled her to begin to let go of her son and begin to move forward in order to continue on with her own life.

I have utilized this powerful technique with many individuals on a one on one basis in a therapeutic environment. I believe that many individuals would benefit from 'Letting go of Your Loved One: And Keeping a Memento to Cherish. in the privacy of their own home utilizing it at their own pace can assist them through the grieving process and facilitate closure with their loved one in a healthy and effective manner.